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Find out about the background of Island Systems Ltd, our experience and what our clients write about us.


Island Systems Ltd was started as a family business in 1998 by Ian McDonald.

Ian's experience was gained in Research and Development within RADAR, Air Traffic Control and Airborne Communications, where he worked as a systems engineer.  Ian was fortunate to work on projects that were exhibited at the UK Farnborough Air Show and the BBC Tomorrows World programme.

Ian was very much an all-rounder and as a systems engineer was also responsible for testing from the simplest on board PROM to circuit board assembly testing, sub assembly testing, cabinet assembly testing, subsystem and system testing at levels within the factory, site installation, commissioning and customer acceptance.  As a systems engineer Ian was also involved in hardware design, software programming, trouble shooting, technical authoring, configuration engineering, project and team management.  During the foundation part of his career Ian lead a number of troubleshooting teams.

During a career break Ian taught BTEC engineering, GCSE Electronics and A level Physics in Kingston, where he was a head of physics and Electronics.  Ian's successful educational training has equipped us to provide educational support where we have provided educational material for our clients to help them continue to support the work we have done for them, so that they do not become trapped with a continual need to drag out contract extensions.  

Since the time of starting Island Systems, the company has increased that expertise to include the following areas and have supplied either Ian alone or as part of a larger ISL test team:


Parcel tracking and warehouse systems

CD ROM Testing

WAP Systems & Phones

Web Sites - Including 3D Small Object Modeller

Internet, Email and Virtual Internet Service Provision

Military electronic messaging systems

Digital TV

Network Tools

Operating Systems

Palm Devices - including Speech Recognition

Cartography Systems

Computer Games

What our clients write about us:

Canon Research Europe Ltd

"While at Canon Ian interacted well with the leaders and team members on a variety of projects and rapidly got up to speed on a range of unfamiliar technologies and software. His testing experience and efforts have made a significant contribution to helping us start to raise the general level of our software quality process." General Manager R&D Operations

Nortel Networks

"Ianís work was always extremely thorough and was happy to interact not only with other members of the system test team but development as well. His test cases were of a high quality as were his problem reports. Ian picked up the products very quickly and was happy to find out information on his own. I would definitely employ Ian again if the need for a contractor arose." Senior System Test Leader

X-Cel Communications Ltd

"Ian has come into the test team learnt a new product very quickly, and has performed very well as a team member and also worked successfully independently without any excessive supervision. He has a very professional attitude and has met the quality of testing expected within the team. He has met all the deadlines set and has helped the test team as a whole, meet the system test milestones. In the future, if a similar requirement was needed. I would not hesitate in re-hiring Ian for the role." System Test Manager

Symbian Ltd

"Ianís experience was very much hands on and even included the soldering of test leads. He approached his work in an extremely thorough manner, with an almost obsessive attention detail that was quite appropriate for the nature of the work. The quality of his output was very high. He was completely responsive for organising the execution of his own work, and was proactive in devising effective strategies when the work specifications were imprecise. I would definitely use Ianís services again." Integration Test Manager

Eircell - Dublin

"Quick and tactful to persuade others in the merit of his ideas. Once people were on board, he was able to organise the work to be executed and assign people to those tasks. However Ian did not leave the execution of the tests to others. He took an active role and led from the front. This was a key ingredient in his success in this project. Ian was a pleasure to work with. He kept me informed of all important issues and was always positive in outlook. Always on time, honest and calm he was a model team player." QA Manager

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